Haskap    aka    Honeyberries

Cinderella Haskap

Lonicera caerulea ‘Cinderella’

USDA Hardiness Zone 3-7

Haskap or Honeyberry is a member of the honeysuckle family which bears elongated berries that have a sweet mixed berry flavor and are nearly purple when ripe.  Cinderella is a smaller more compact and very cold hardy  variety of Haskap.  It is a heavy producer of berries. 

Cinderella is a very early bloomer and should have another very early blooming cultivar nearby for cross pollination to ensure fruit set.  Czech 17, below, is an excellent choice for a pollinator.

Young haskap shrugs off an early Spring snow.

Czech 17, Haskap

Lonicera caerulea ‘Czech 17'

USDA Hardiness Zone 3-7

Czech 17 is a heavy flowering cultivar that produces fruit over a longer period of time, compared to most types. It is one of the best pollinators for any Haskap variety.  It is considered to be a very early blooming cultivar but with its long blooming window of up to 8 weeks it successfully pollinates many later blooming cultivars . 

Indigo Gem, Haskap

Lonicera caerulea 'Indigo Gem'

USDA Hardiness Zone 2-7

Indigo Gem is a University of Saskatchewan cultivar that yields large quantities of oblong berries that ripen in June.  Berries are sweet/tart, reminiscent of blueberry.  They are very nutritious and high in antioxidants.

Indigo Gem is an early blooming variety and is somewhat self pollinating but should be planted with another variety  nearby for cross pollination to ensure maximum fruit set.