Hardy Kiwi

Hardy Kiwi 'Anna'

Actinidia arguta ‘Anna’

USDA Hardiness Zone 4-9

Hardy Kiwi are cold hardy vining plants that yield smooth skinned fruits, smaller than the tropical fuzzy kiwi.  Hardy Kiwi need to be trellised and pruned in the same manner as grapes.  A mature plant can yield 100 lbs of fruit in a season, though 50 lbs is closer to the average.  Like grapes, hardy kiwi take several years to mature and produce fruit.  

Most hardy kiwi, including Anna, is dioecious, ie has separate male and female plants.  A male plant is required to pollinate female plants.  Typically hardy kiwi are planted 2-8 female plants per male plant.

For the 2019 season, a small number of male plants will be available.  Actinidia arguta ‘Meader’ as well as a small number of self fertile 'Issai' kiwi.