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Rubus × loganobaccus

USDA Hardiness Zone 6-9

Loganberry is a floricane hybrid cross of Blackberry and Raspberry.  It's growth habit more closely resembles the blackberry.  It bears large, dark red, sweet berries in abundance.   Loganberries have less seeds and also smaller seeds than  blackberries or raspberries making for excellent eating when fresh.  They can be used in place of either in most recipes.  Great for juices, jams, jellies, and syrups.  Self pollinating and thornless.

Loganberry is rated as Zone 6 hardy, which is borderline for most of the Front Range (Zone 5B).  Loganberry's large yield of excellent berries makes it worth growing despite the potential for loss in exceptionally cold winters (colder than      -10F).  Recommend planting with southern exposure avoiding low lying areas where pockets of cold air settle to minimize the chance of loss.  

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