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Herbaceous Perennials are soft bodied plants that die back at the end of the growing season and return with new growth every year from a rhizome or root mass that survives the winter.

Fruit Bearing Vines, Bushes, and Trees includes  plants whose growth hardens to a woody state and remains dormant over the winter and resumes growth the following year.  Included in this selection are evergreens whose growth slows but doesn't die back over the winter.

Brambles have extensive root systems that grow canes (typically thorny) which can partially harden to survive winter.  Brambles can be Primocane which bear fruit on canes in their first year of growth or Floricane which bear fruit on two year old canes.  

Ornamentals are plants grown for visual appeal either from flowers or foliage.  We include ornamental selections because sometimes plants can feed the soul.

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